Are Gaming Headphones Good for Calls? [Ultimate Guide For 2024]

Are Gaming Headphones Good for Calls

A good gaming headphone can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Due to their good sound quality, they can be used for casual music listening too with some tweaks, making them very versatile.

But, are gaming headphones good for calls too?

The answer is yes. Gaming headphones provide features like attached or detachable microphones and noise cancellation, making it easier for the other person to hear you. They also have good sound quality, making it easier for you to take calls or attend meetings.

A gaming headphone comes in handy when you need to attend calls during your gaming sessions and you don’t want to go through the hassle of removing headphones or switching to headphones.

However, gaming headphones are bulky, which can cause discomfort during long hours of calls or meetings. They also prioritize bass and gaming-specific audio signatures, so it’s important to test them before taking calls.

Please note that not all gaming headphones are good for voice calls, especially the cheap ones; they have poor audio quality and mics and are not recommended for calling. Your phone speakers or earbuds will work much better.

In this blog post, I have discussed the key features of gaming headphones, their pros, and cons for calling purposes, the best alternatives, how to optimize them for voice calls, and much more.

So, let’s dive in.

Key Features of Gaming Headphones

Let’s discuss the key features of gaming headphones that make them suitable for various use cases.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality

Good audio quality is important for any type of headphones, but it is even more important when it comes to gaming headphones.

Gaming headphones have a lot of good features that make them an excellent choice for your gaming and other needs. Let’s discuss these features in detail.

  • Soundstage: Gaming headphones are great at making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. But when you’re on a call during a game, it might be a bit hard to hear the other person clearly because of all the game noise.

  • Frequency response: Gaming headphones usually focus on big, booming sounds like explosions. That’s awesome for games, but it can make voices on calls a bit hard to hear. Headphones made for calls usually focus more on making voices sound clear.

  • Clarity: Gaming headphones can have amazing sound, but sometimes they’re better at making game sounds clearer than voices. So, if you want to hear your teammates loud and clear, you might need headphones made specifically for calls.

  • 3D Audio Features: Many high-end gaming headphones have cool 3D audio features such as virtual surround sound, this tech makes games feel real and immersive, and it also gives a good experience watching movies.

    This surround sound tech might not help much with calls but some headphones have special modes just to make voices clearer.

Microphone Quality

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality is very crucial for communicating with your teammates during gaming.

It’s important that your teammates hear you well and that your voice comes through clearly without any distortion or background noise.

Whether you’re discussing tactics, giving directions, or simply chatting with friends, a reliable microphone enhances the overall gaming experience and gives a competitive edge.

Let’s discuss the features offered by gaming headphone microphones:

  • Direction (Unidirectional vs. Omnidirectional): Some gaming headphones have what’s called a “unidirectional” mic. It focuses on picking up sound right in front of it, which is great for talking to your gaming buddies but not so much for group calls.

    Others have “omnidirectional” mics, which pick up sound from all around. Good for group calls but might catch more background noise.

  • Noise Cancellation: Many gaming headphones often have something called active noise cancellation (ANC).

    It’s awesome for blocking out background noise while gaming, but it might make your voice sound a bit weird during calls. You might want to turn it off, especially if you’re in a quiet place.

  • Background Noise Reduction: Even without ANC, some gaming headphones have a feature that reduces background noise.

    It’s like a filter that gets rid of annoying sounds like keyboard clicks or fans humming. This can make your voice clearer without messing with how you sound.

  • Clear Voice: The most important thing is making sure people can understand what you’re saying. Look for a mic with good sensitivity and maybe a pop filter to soften those “p” and “b” sounds.

    Some headphones even let you adjust how loud your mic is to get the clearest sound.

Comfort and Design

Comfort and Design

Alright, let’s talk about comfort when it comes to gaming headphones for calls. After all, nobody wants their ears to ache during a long meeting.

  • On-Ear vs. Over-Ear: It’s all about fit. Over-ear headphones usually feel better for long calls. They cover your ears completely, which helps block out noise and reduces pressure. On-ear ones, while more portable, can start to feel tight after a while. If you wear glasses, over-ear is probably the way to go.

  • Breathability: Nobody likes sweaty ears. Look for headphones with breathable ear cups, like ones made from mesh or fabric. Leather or fake leather can get hot and sticky. Good airflow keeps you comfortable during those marathon calls.

  • Weight: Heavy headphones are a pain. Literally. Lighter models are much more comfortable for long calls. You don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a helmet all day. Plus, being comfy helps you stay focused and communicate better.

  • Fancy Features: While gaming headphones come with cool extras like colorful lights and surround sound, those aren’t necessary for calls. Flashy lights might be distracting during serious discussions. Focus on comfort and features that matter for calls.

Advantages of Using Gaming Headphones for Calls

The gaming headphones are manufactured keeping your gaming needs in mind, however, the features provided by these headphones make them an excellent choice for calling too.

Let’s explore the benefits of using gaming headphones for calls.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Gaming Headphones are more budget-friendly compared to dedicated headphones, especially the basic ones.

If you already have gaming headphones with you, you may use them for casual calls and save your money.



A good quality gaming headphone is capable of handling your gaming needs as well as calling needs at the same time.

It’s great because you don’t need to immediately search your earbuds when you get a call.

Also, you already know your gaming headphones inside out. 

Its familiar fit and controls can help to instantly receive calls, saving you valuable time, and avoiding the frustration of getting used a new equipment or multiple devices at the same time.

I personally use my Gaming headphones for listening to music, watching videos, taking calls, gaming, and everything that I feel my gaming headphones can do for me.

Good Enough Audio Quality

Good Enough Audio Quality

Let’s be honest, most calls require basic voice clarity, not studio-quality recording

Many gaming headphones have decent microphones that pick up your voice clearly for casual chats, meetings, or online classes.

This makes gaming headphones a good option for those consider who want a balance between gaming and music listening or any other stuff.

Build Quality

Build Quality

Gaming headphones are built to last through some serious gaming sessions.

This means they’re usually really sturdy, with strong frames, thick headbands, and durable ear cups.

They can handle accidental drops as well and don’t get damaged easily.

Gaming headphones easily last longer than normal headphones, saving your cost in the long run.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity Options

Modern gaming headphones offer a variety of connection options, from wired USB to wireless Bluetooth and even 2.4 GHz wireless for low latency.

Ensure to choose the option that best suits your setup and call needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

Premium Features of Gaming Headphones

Premium Features of Gaming Headphones

Premium gaming headphones can surprise you with top-notch features.

Some of them come with advanced microphones, noise cancellation, and special “voice modes” that make your calls sound even better.

Disadvantages of Using Gaming Headphones for Calls

You can easily use your gaming headphones for calling purposes, however, there are a few demerits of using them for voice calls, let’s discuss them in detail.

Mic Quality

Mic Quality

While gaming headphones are okay for casual calls, their microphones might not meet the standards for professional use.

Dedicated headphones often have better mic quality, noise reduction, and features like an adjustable gain for clearer voice reproduction.

Open-Backed Headphones

Open-Backed Headphones

Some gaming models have open-back designs, which prioritize immersive sound but leak audio.

This isn’t great for calls where privacy matters or if you don’t want background noise shared. Stick with closed-back designs for calls.

Bass Overload

Bass Overload

Gaming headphones are all about booming bass for intense gameplay. But this can drown out voices, especially in models not meant for calls.

You may look for balanced sound or adjustable EQ settings if voice clarity matters.

Professional Appearance

Professional Appearance

Gaming headphones often have flashy designs and RGB lighting. While cool for gaming, they might not look professional for work calls or meetings.

Always think about the impression you want to make and opt for a subtler design if necessary.

Lack of Call Controls

Lack of Call Controls

Many gaming headphones focus on in-game controls and may not have dedicated buttons for calls.

This means you might miss out on quick mute, volume adjustments, or call answering during busy moments. It can be inconvenient for multitaskers, so keep that in mind.

Alternatives to Gaming Headphones for Calls

While gaming headphones can handle basic calls, you need specific types of headphones according to your requirements. Let’s explore dedicated headphones for various call types:

Work/Conference Call Headphones

Work or Conference Call Headsets

The dedicated work/conference call headphones focus on top-notch microphone quality, ensuring your voice comes through crystal clear.

They often feature noise cancellation to cut out background noise, making sure you’re heard even in busy environments.

In these headphones, comfort is a priority with padded ear cups, adjustable headbands, and lightweight designs, perfect for long conference calls.

You’ll have easy control with dedicated buttons for muting, adjusting volume, and answering calls, keeping you in command without fumbling for your phone.

Here are a few examples of such headphones: Jabra Evolve 75, Logitech H820, and Plantronics Voyager Focus UC.

Mobile Headphones for Casual Calls

Mobile Headphones for Casual Calls

These compact and lightweight headphones are designed for on-the-go use, perfect for quick calls wherever you are.

While they might not match studio mic quality, they’re great for every day chats with friends, family, or online classes.

Make sure to check battery life for uninterrupted calls, and ensure compatibility with your mobile device for seamless connectivity.

Here are a few examples: Sony WH-CH710N, Apple AirPods Pro, and Jabra Elite 45e.

My Final Thoughts

I hope I have helped you understand whether gaming headphones are a good choice for calling or not.

In my personal experience, gaming headphones are quite okay for casual calls and I use it regularly during my gaming sessions.

However, I always prefer using my AirPods during meetings and professional calls.

Please share your valuable feedback about this article and also mention if you are using your gaming headphones for taking calls or planning to use them for calling.

Please share this blog post with your friends so it can help them too in gaining knowledge and make the right decision accordingly.

Thanks for reading my blog post. Happy Gaming!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gaming headphones with surround sound make calls sound better?

Not necessarily, it can even make voices harder to hear. Focus on balanced sound or adjustable EQ.

Can open-back gaming headphones be used for private calls? 

No, they leak audio. Opt for closed-back designs for clear, private calls.

Will my gaming headphones mic pick up background noise like keyboard clicks? 

Some have background noise reduction, but not all. Consider dedicated mics or software solutions.

Do gaming headphones look too unprofessional for work calls?

Some have flashy designs, which might not be ideal. Choose subtle designs for a professional impression.

Are high-end gaming headphones good enough for professional voice recordings? 

Probably not. Dedicated mics often have better audio quality and features for professional use.

Should I use my phone’s earbud mic for calls instead of my gaming headphones?

Consider the call quality and convenience. Earbuds might be more portable, but dedicated mics or headphones often offer better clarity.

If I plan to use headphones for both gaming and professional calls, what features should I prioritize?

Look for a versatile option with balanced sound, a detachable mic, noise cancellation, and a professional design. Consider separate headphones for specific needs.

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