Are Gaming Headphones Good For Listening to Music?

Are Gaming Headphones Good For Listening to Music?

If you are a gamer, I am sure you already own a gaming headphone that you may be using for competitive, in-game chatting and many more things.

However, if you are a music lover and want to know if you can use your gaming headphones to enjoy your favourite music or not?

The answer is no; gaming headphones are designed for gaming and tuned accordingly. They focus more on making the deep booming sounds (like explosions) sound great and also ensure you can hear high-pitched sounds clearly (like voices).

The features like noise cancellation and 3D surround sound make gaming feel more natural and exciting. But these headphones aren’t suitable for listening to music as they might not provide a balanced sound quality.

Of course, you may use them for casual music, but I won’t recommend them if you are an audiophile. Gaming headphones don’t provide good mids, clarity, and deep bass.

In this blog post, I will discuss why gaming headphones aren’t a good choice for music, their pros and cons, and much more.

So, let’s dive in.

Why Gaming Headphones Are Not Suitable for Listening to Music?

Why Gaming Headphones Are Not Suitable for Listening to Music?

Gaming Headphones are designed by companies with the main focus on gaming.

Music headphones are designed to prioritize audio quality and versatility across various genres such as hip-hop, classical, rock, etc.

Let’s discuss why gaming headphones are not a good choice if you plan to enjoy your favourite tunes and get lost in their rhythm.

Gaming Headphones Prioritize Ease of Use for Gamers Over Music Quality

Gaming Headphones Prioritize Ease of Use for Gamers Over Music Quality

Gamers don’t have time to think about anything else; they want to get started with gaming as soon as possible without worrying about connecting with Bluetooth, pairing devices, or dealing with tangled wires.

Gaming headphones are usually wired, making them easy to plug and dive straight into their virtual world.

Gaming headphones have unique features like 3D surround sound, noise cancellation, a built-in microphone, and other gaming-centric features like RGB lights. They also provide good comfort due to big ear cups and thick padding.

These features are great, but many brands often compromise on sound quality to provide these features at an affordable price.

This makes gaming headphones a sensible choice for gaming audiences but not for music lovers.

Gaming Headphones Have Enhanced Highs and Bass

Gaming Headphones Have Enhanced Highs and Bass

Gaming headphones are built to make game sounds pop so you can hear booming explosions and footsteps clearly.

However, they’re unsuitable for music due to a V-shaped signature, which means they boost the highs and lows too much, lacking the midrange, where a lot of musical detail lives.

It’s like going to a concert where the drums are so loud you can’t hear the singer.

With music headphones, you can usually tweak the sound to your liking. But gaming headphones don’t always give you that option. You’re stuck with whatever sound the manufacturer decided, which might be too harsh or bass-heavy for your taste.

Gaming headphones prioritize having a good microphone for chatting with other players. But this focus on the mic can sometimes mess with the sound quality.

The mic parts take up space that could be used for better audio, making the music sound less detailed and immersive.

Gaming Headphones are Heavy

Gaming Headphones are Heavy

Gaming headphones have excellent build quality and last longer, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

However, this often leads to their extra weight and their enormous size.

Gaming headphones may be tiring if you plan to listen to music for long hours.

You can also not easily go out in public with these headphones; they will look like a helmet on your head.

It’s like having something constantly pushed down on your head while trying to relax with your favourite tunes.

Shall You Use a Separate Headphone for Listening to Music?

Shall You Use a Separate Headphone for Listening to Music?

You might wonder if it’s better to go for the music headphones rather than the gaming ones for listening to your favourite tracks, as it makes more sense.

But wait, is there any possible workaround to make your gaming headphones suitable for music, too?

The good news is yes, you may follow the mentioned steps and try saving your valuable money.

Adjust the Headphone Equalizer Settings to Your Music Taste

Adjust the Headphone Equalizer Settings to Your Music Taste

Usually, most gaming headphones come with dedicated software to adjust the settings as you like.

Some software can also create and save custom sound profiles according to the type of game, song, and software.

You may try playing with those settings until you get the desired sound according to your music.

If you enjoy deep bass, you can adjust the bass settings accordingly.

If you like a balanced sound for music, I recommend increasing the midrange frequencies to enhance your overall listening experience.

Many third-party software are available online if your gaming headphones don’t have dedicated software; here’s a free one:

Once you have done the settings, test your headphones and check if everything works okay.

Turn Off Audio Enhancements

Turn Off Audio Enhancements

Gaming headphones often have features like bass boost or surround sound that might overpower the music.

You may try disabling these features in your audio settings for a more natural sound.

If your PC has settings that increase the bass or enhance the sound, you can also turn it off to get good results.

Buy a Dedicated Audio Headphone (The Last Option)

Buy a Dedicated Audio Headphone

If you have already tried everything to get a good sound out of your gaming headphones but cannot, sadly, you need to purchase a good music headphone.

Usually, low-budget gaming headphones don’t sound excellent for your music.

Brands compromise on sound quality as they must provide more features while staying within a budget.

The expensive gaming headphones can be used for listening to music with some tweaks, but they cannot match the quality of dedicated high-end headphones designed for music.

When Can Gaming Headphones Still Work for Music?

Let’s discuss a few scenarios where gaming headphones can work well for listening to music.

Music Genres That Benefit from Bass

Music Genres That Benefit from Bass

Gaming headphones are good for making the bass in your music stand out.

This is awesome for music styles like EDM and Hip-Hop, where the bass is essential for setting the rhythm and making things sound powerful.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Hip-Hop use a lot of deep bass and strong beats to make you want to move.

Gaming headphones can make these sounds feel even more intense and exciting.

It’s cool to have a lot of bass, but you don’t want it to drown out everything else. If the bass is too loud, it can make everything else sound muddy.

You may look for gaming headphones that let you adjust the bass to find the perfect balance.

The Multitasking Advantage

The Multitasking Advantage

Gaming headphones are designed for versatility.

The built-in microphone allows you to seamlessly switch between gameplay communication, online music games like Rock Band, and casual music listening without swapping devices.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Gaming Headphone for Music and Gaming

If you don’t own a gaming headphone and plan to get one for your games, movies and music, here are a few essential things to keep in mind

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The sound quality is a very important factor for any type of headphones, whether music or gaming, ensure to check these things for sound quality:

  • Drivers: Look for headphones with large, high-quality drivers (typically 40mm or larger) for better sound quality.

  • Frequency Response: A wider frequency response means the headphones can reproduce a wider range of sounds, from deep bass to crisp highs.

    Aim for a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz for the full range of human hearing.

  • Surround Sound: While not essential, surround sound can enhance your gaming experience by creating a more immersive soundscape. However, some find it artificial for music listening.



Whether you are playing your favoraite games or listening to music, comfort is a very essential thing as you will often use your headphones for long hours.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Ear Cups: Consider well-padded ear cups made from breathable materials like leather or mesh to avoid sweaty ears during long gaming sessions.

  • Headband: Look for a lightweight headband with adjustable padding to distribute weight evenly and avoid putting too much pressure on your head.

  • Weight: A lighter headphone will be more comfortable to wear for extended periods.



A good microphone is essential in a gaming headphone, here’s why:

  • Noise Cancellation: A microphone with noise cancellation will help to reduce background noise and ensure your voice is clear for your teammates.

  • Mic Placement and Mutability: A flexible microphone boom allows optimal placement near your mouth for better voice pickup. Look for a mic with a mute button for easy control.



It’s important to ensure that your device can be connected easily and quickly to your gaming headphone so you can start with your task.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Wired vs. Wireless: Wired headphones generally offer a more reliable connection and lower latency (the time it takes for sound to travel from the source to your ears), which is vital for competitive gaming.

    Wireless offers freedom of movement but may have a slight audio delay and potential connection issues.

  • Compatibility: Ensure the headphone is compatible with your gaming platform (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, etc.)

Other Features

Other Features

Let’s have look at few other features while considering a gaming headphone for music:

  • Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Design: Open-back headphones offer a more natural sound experience but leak more sound. Closed-back headphones provide better noise isolation, but the sound can be a bit muddier.

  • Battery Life (Wireless Only): If you go wireless, consider the battery life and how long it will last on a single charge.

  • Software: Some gaming headphones have software that allows you to customize the sound profile, create equalizer settings, and adjust microphone settings.



Gaming headphones vary a lot in price.

Ensure to decide your budget and prioritize the features that are most important to you.

Considering these factors, you can choose a gaming headphone that provides a great audio experience for music and gaming.


I hope you have gained enough knowledge and learned a lot of new things in this blog post.

I personally use my airpods for listening to my favoraite songs and watching videos.

I am not saying that you cannot use your gaming headphones for listening to music, but in the end, you will get a better overall experience with dedicated earbuds or music headphones.

If you liked this blog post, please share it with your friends so they can also benefit from this blog post.

Please share your valuable feedback in the comments section and also let me know if you are using your gaming headphones for music or not.

Thanks for reading my blog post, Enjoy your day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use noise cancellation on gaming headphones for music?

Not necessarily. While it blocks distractions, it can also affect the soundstage, making music sound unnatural.

Do gaming headphones damage hearing with extra bass?

Not if used at safe volumes. However, the strong bass can be fatiguing for long listening sessions.

Can I improve the sound of my gaming headphones for music with EQ?

Yes, adjusting the equalizer in your software or device settings can help achieve a more balanced sound.

Are open-back gaming headphones better for music?

For music clarity, yes. But the open design leaks sound and offers less noise isolation.

Will wireless gaming headphones have an audio delay for music?

There might be a slight delay compared to wired, but it’s usually unnoticeable for casual listening.

Are expensive gaming headphones better for music?

They may have better sound quality, but they still might not match dedicated music headphones.

Is it okay to use gaming headphones for audiobooks?

Yes, the emphasis on vocals makes them suitable for audiobooks and podcasts.

Can gaming headphones work for watching movies?

Yes, the surround sound can enhance the experience, but some may find it artificial for movies.

Should I get separate headphones for gaming and music?

Ideally, yes. But if you’re on a budget, a good quality gaming headphone can work for both with some adjustments.

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